Shaggy’s Restaurant Group is announcing the grand opening of its new, beach-casual restaurant, The Salty Oyster, on July 1 at noon, just in time for the 4th of July celebration.

The Salty Oyster is another Shaggy’s “open-aired” tropical concept, but very different from previous designs, since this restaurant is built out of reconditioned shipping containers. “World-renowned architect Andreas Duany introduced me to the idea of retrofitted shipping containers when he visited the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2009,” says Ron Ladner, Shaggy’s founder. “I became intrigued with this idea for a restaurant, did lots of research, and really wanted to do something…it just took awhile to get to it.”

Located next to Shaggy’s Biloxi Beach, The Salty Oyster features open-flame chargrilled oysters, chilled oysters on the half shell, cheeseburgers, fish tacos, boiled shrimp, shrimp baskets and more.


“We’ve learned that people really want to be outside at our restaurants, so we decided to give them what they want, and we created more dining and drinking space outdoors,” says Khara Whitman, Director of Operations for the Shaggy’s Restaurants. “It also helps when we’re on four-hour waits, that we can offer a complementary dining alternative in the Salty Oyster.”

“It reminds me of some of the really cool places in the Caribbean…the atmosphere, food and vibe feels very “Island Time,” adds Ladner.


The Shaggy’s Biloxi complex now has a footprint of 13,000 square feet, with two separate restaurants, two full-service kitchens, and four full-service bars. “We’ve created a mini boardwalk, anchored by Shaggy’s Biloxi Beach, which is connected to the recently added Shaggy’s Sandbar (which includes an outdoor stage for live performances), and now The Salty Oyster, all in the same building,” says Ladner. “Add in the new pirate ship for the kids, and you can see we have created an entertainment destination for all ages.”

Since opening the first Shaggy’s in 2007 in Pass Christian Harbor, Shaggy’s now has four restaurants in three cities—Shaggy’s Biloxi Beach, which opened in 2010, Shaggy’s Pass Harbor, and Shaggy’s Pensacola Beach, which opened in 2012. “With the addition of The Salty Oyster and an “across the board” increase in sales at existing locations, we’re projecting $10,000,000 in sales this year,” says Ladner. “The surge in sales this year was unexpected, but we feel it’s a sign that we’re doing something right.” Shaggy’s will be breaking ground on its next location, in a different city, later this year.

The new addition will add about 35 jobs making the total company number around 300 during the peak season.

“We also took the opportunity to upgrade our parking by completely re-paving and re-striping our parking lot. We even managed to add a few spaces,” says Ladner. “We expect to serve over 300,000 guests annually here, so a nicer parking lot was a priority.”